Livermore Pool Repair And Service

In 1960, LaBella’s Pool Service & Supply was pulled from the depths of a few family member’s minds. It was at that time that we decided that there was no other company better suited to service our community. Armed with passion and extensive knowledge of the industry, we set out to make a name for ourselves all across Livermore.

Today, we’re proud to say that we’ve upheld our family’s legacy for more than 3 generations. Wavering the tests of time, LaBella’s Pool Service & Supply managed to keep our doors open, all while expanding our expertise along with the industry.

We can assist customers with newly installed issues or helping them maintain pools that have seen years of use. Often times, our technicians get the privilege of being the voice or reason. When other companies have told our customers that their entire system was in need of replacement or that they wouldn’t complete an installation unless they purchased the parts from them as well, we were able to intervene and offer our help.

When you’re a member of the same community that you serve, you can appreciate the things that are truly important. Giving our customers the opportunity to make lasting memories in their pools, ensuring that they’re operational all year long- that is what’s most important to us.

We customize each appointment based on your desires. There’s no universal way to solve every customer’s problem, luckily, LaBella’s Pool Service & Supply is well-versed in all areas. We can inspect your pools for compliance with State and County regulations, and even perform routine maintenance to ensure that it remains in compliance.

Our goal is to provide our customers with affordable options to keep their pools up and running. Proper maintenance is your first line of defense against unexpected issues. Using the best products and services offers a second layer of protection, one that will continue to pay you back long after your appointment.

Swift replies to your inquiries and flexible appointment scheduling assists us with customizing every minor detail of your visit. We’re always here to provide assistance. It doesn’t matter if you know exactly what you want or if you’re in need of help from someone that knows what they’re doing- LaBella’s Pool Service & Supply is the go-to provider for the community.

We’re prepared to move forward with our relationship and are able to schedule your appointment whenever you contact us. If you’d like to learn more about your options or to inquire about our special offers, give us a call right now.