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What Clients Say About LaBella’s Pool Service

" LaBella has been maintaining our pool for almost four years now and they have been fantastic. Reasonable cost, and have taken care of anything.

I just had my pool totally remodelled and Paul and Marc helped us make sure that the pool was dialed in and ready for my twin girl’s birthday party this weekend. They are so excited.
Really went above and beyond!

They always provided critical advice and overall your pool would be in really great hands.


Dave R.


" This company is great! I first worked with them because I was going on vacation and needed someone to maintain my pool.
They did great, seamless, and I thought about my 25 year old system that needed refreshing.
Thought about Leslie Pool, but wanted a local company to have a chance. So glad I did!
After discussions about what I thought I needed, input of the newest regulations, what a buyer of our house would expect, etc, we came up with a plan.
These guys were not interested in how much they could charge me, but what would be best for me.
After 2 days of work, their attention to detail fixed all the silly little problems along with the big problems.
Five stars plus!

Beth F.


" They provide great reliable service and exceptional maintenance to a pool. This company cares about their clients and always respond immediately if there is a problem of any kind with my pool. Highly recommended to others. 

Katty Alamri


" Service is prompt. Prices are reasonable. Pool problems get fixed. Owner is accessible and goes the extra mile. That kind of business is rare in San Ramon. I would recommend LaBella’s to all my family and friends

Jason Pace

San Ramon

" I have had La Bella’s Pool Service & Supply complete several jobs at my home.  They have great customer service, always arrive on time, complete the job fast and do it right. 

Jim R.

Castro Valley

" The BEST Pool and Spa company in the Tri-Valley. One of the most helpful,  and courteous staffs I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with. This is THE place to go and the service to use. 

Peggy Smith


" My in ground pool was losing/leaking water and they helped diagnose what could be the problem, and they also optimized my filter set up. 

William Pascual


" EXCELLENT!!! Best service ever. Everyone was courteous, prompt, professional, and very knowledgeable. The pool is up & running better than ever. Thank You La Bella’s!

Maryann Jacquez


" Our pool equipment was around 16 years old and starting to fail. Marc Labella came out and did an estimate…very personable but professional. He made different suggestions for us so we would not have to get all new equipment, which wasn’t needed. Had an email with an estimate within a couple of days. Scheduled the work easily…had everything done within a day except for the computer hookup. The team worked hard, fast and clean. A good family run and owned company. We liked them enough that we are going to have them start taking care of our pool weekly!. 

Cindy Swartz


" Labella’s Pool came out two days ago to treat the pool, check the chemicals, add what’s needed and sometimes clean the filters.  They also sweep, vacuum and skim the pool.We have a contract with them.  They do a really good job.  They show up on time and they keep the pool in great shape better than I ever could.  I don’t really have to talk to them about anything. 

Ronda Hruby


" They provide great reliable service and exceptional maintenance to a pool. This company cares about their clients and always respond immediately if there is a problem of any kind with my pool. Highly recommended to others. 

Mike Gregg


" The installed a new variable speed pool pump. Marc and Paul are AWESOME!  Let me tell you, I looked around for someone to install my new Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump.  Most of the retail stores such as Pool Time, etc. would not just do the installation, and neither would several other pool contractors.  They wanted ME to pay a total of $1,600 for this.  They would not do the job unless they also procured the pump, thereby jacking the price way up for me to pay.  What a rip off!
But then, I discovered the LaBella brothers.  They were in touch with me every step of the way as to which specific pump to buy (they even ENCOURAGE their clients to buy online and save $$$).  So I bought the pump online for $818 with no sales tax and no shipping costs, and with the PG&E rebate of $100 that I’m about to receive that makes it a cost of $718 for the pump.  LaBella charged me a totally reasonable price of $149 for the parts and labor for the installation.  Paul installed it and I watched him do it from start to finish.  Boy, can he install a pool pump!  He explained the entire process to me, he programmed it according to my specs, and I’m about to save a LOT of money on my energy bill.  My last pool pump was a 1.5HP and a total energy hog.  One other pool contractor (who would not just do the install and wanted to charge me $1600) also tried to steer me to another total energy hog that was a 5HP pump.
Boy, I am SO HAPPY I found LaBella’s Pool Service.  And you know what?  Now they have a very happy client, and whenever I decide to hire a pool service (my husband cleans the pool right now), I know who I’m going to call.  I’ve even started to spread the word to my neighbors.
So, all you other contractors out there who want to gouge your clients, well, forget about me ever calling you! 

Linda Jordan


" They replaced my filter. It seems to be working fine. The also do my weekly. 

Gregory Conte


" Weekly pool cleaning. Provided services as requested.

Lynne Clifton

San Ramon