Fremont Pool Service And Repair

Pool service and repair requires far more experience and equipment than an extended net and a little ambition. If you ask the residents and business owners in and around Fremont, you’ll get a better understanding of what one should expect from their pool service professional. Years of experience has helped LaBella’s Pool Service & Supply save our customers tons of money, redefining their expectations forever.

It started with an idea born in 1960. It was at this moment, a family came together with the intention of making a lasting impression on society. With an insatiable desire to exceed the expectations of everyone we work with, the LaBella’s Pool Service & Supply legacy came to life.

From day one, our company made a commitment to quality. Offering year round service from the most knowledgeable swimming pool experts in the industry. We’re far more than pool cleaners – although we do enjoy making sure that our customers have a safe, sanitized placed to swim – we are an all-in-one caretaker capable of handling everything you ask of us.

Our specialists can serve as the professional pair of eyes that verify whether your pool is compliant with State and County Regulations. We can complete a detailed inspection to identify the source of any malfunctioning equipment. We’ll supply you with the highest quality parts and chemicals to keep things running smoothly 365 a year…and we’ll do it all for the most competitive rates on the market.

Over the years, word of mouth has become one of most common ways that news of our business has spread. After our customers interact with a member of our team, they instantly feel like they’re a part of the family. Simply raising our name in conversation or taking a peek at the raving reviews left about our business is more than enough cause for many curious customers to give us a call.

They want to know what all the fuss is about and we’re proud to give every curious caller a firsthand depiction of the LaBella’s Pool Service experience. As a C-53 licensed and insured company, we provide each of our employees with competitive salaries and all the tools necessary to complete their task. Our team respects your time and acknowledges the delicacy of inspection and repairs. We don’t want you to fall victim to overcharges or substandard service, that’s why we can guarantee that every call or inquiry will be personally answered or returned.

For more than 55 years, it’s been the intention of LaBella’s Pool Service & Supply to remain the community’s premier provider. The further news of our service spreads, our reputation grows along with it. As more and more people begin to contact us with high hopes of what they’ve heard, we have to continue to raise our own personal standard.

Prompt appointments, clear interpretation of your problems, and a legacy of providing optimum solutions for even the most complex problems are just a few ways that LaBella’s Pool Service & Supply continues to go above and beyond.

We’ve been holding on to this tradition for the last 3 generations. That’s 3 generations of family ownership and operation as well as 3 generations of serving our neighbors. We’ve watched their families grow while they’ve done the same for our own.

LaBella’s Pool Service & Supply views our customers, both loyal and first-time, as an extension to the family we’ve created. We tend to your needs through repairs, inspection, or scheduled maintenance with the same tenacity devoted to our own facilities.

We’ve invested our time and energy into sustaining pools, both big and small, throughout the city. Tailoring each interaction to meet our customer’s needs, your customized treatment is sure to be satisfactory. Before you know it, you’ll be spreading the news of your experience like so many others.

Hearing how much we’ve benefited our customers makes all of our efforts worthwhile.

Give us a call right now to learn more about how LaBella’s Pool Service & Supply can work with you to keep the legacy growing.